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ACARS Auto-Pirep System

Charter Aviation announces

The Charter ACARS Auto-Pirep system

Download the package from Pilot  Center -> Downloads

The zip file contains 3 files: cht_acars_dialog.xml, Zcht_acars.nas and cht_acars_readme.txt (these instructions)


For Windows users:

After extracting the files from the zip archive, place Zcht_acars.nas in the Nasal folder of the FlightGear program, usually C:\Program Files\Flightgear\data\Nasal or C:\Program Files (x86)\Flightgear\data\Nasal. If you have trouble finding the location, search your system for gui.nas. Wherever gui.nas is, put Zcht_acars.nas in the same location.
On newer versions of flightgear on windows you should place Zcht_acars.nas in My Documents\Flightgear\Nasal
Create a new empty folder called CHTACARS in the same place as all your Aircraft folders (usually C:\Program Files\Flightgear\data\Aircraft or C:\Program Files (x86)\Flightgear\data\Aircraft for earlier versions of fg and My Documents\FlightGear\Aircraft for newer versions. Place the cht_acars_dialog.xml file inside the CHTACARS folder.

Linux users:

Place Zcht_acars.nas in /home/yourhomedir/.fgfs/Nasal
Create a new empty folder called /CHTACARS in the same place as all your Aircraft folders. Place cht_acars_dialog.xml inside the /CHTACARS folder.

Setting Up:

First, visit to get your ACARS password.

Open Zcht_acars.nas and edit lines 7 and 8. Replace 0000 with the number part of your Charter Pilot ID, i.e. if your Charter
Pilot ID is CHT0453, replace the 0000 with 0453. Enter your ACARS password between the quotes on line 8.
(This step is not technically necessary as you can also enter your Pilot ID and ACARS password in the dialog box, but editing the file
will save that information and enter it for you for every flight.)


Pre Flight:

Open the ACARS dialog from the new Charter menu option that appears in the fg menubar.
Check the Current ACARS message: box. If you see Unknown Aircraft then your aircraft is not yet usable with the Charter ACARS Auto-Pirep system. Visit and tell an administrator the Unknown Aircraft name that appears in the message box. Pireps for this aircraft will have to be filed manually until the ACARS system is updated.

If you see an ACARS Ready message then you are ok to continue.
Enter your destination ICAO in the Arrive: box.
If you have set up and activated a route in the Route Manager, the Route button will retrieve it and fill in your route for you.
You can also manually enter your route if you wish.
If you edited Zcht_acars.nas your Charter Pilot ID and ACARS password should already be filled in for you, otherwise enter them in the fields provided.
Click Start Flight

Post Flight:

Flight Number will be calculated and filled in automatically. Enter any comments for the Charter Staff in the comments box.
You may enter a link to a flight tracker but it is not required when using the ACARS system.
Click End Flight then click Submit PIREP. Wait a few seconds while your pirep is sent to the Charter server.