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How to file a Pirep


I'm going to use an actual flight for the examples shown in this page. I hope that make it easier to understand. So my flight will be from Homestead ARB in Homestead, Florida, US to Shaw AFB in Sumter, South Carolina, US. I've chosen a simple route of LUVLY(fix), EDS(vor), WEXEV(fix) for the flight. I'll be flying the Boeing 747-8i using Flightgear 3.2 but this example flight would be suitable for a lot of sim/model combinations. My goal was to also provide a good "first Charter flight" suggestion.

To see my plan click here (opens in new window).

Please read this before making you first flight with Charter

Fly with your Charter ID as your callsign (mine is CHT0021). Flying with cht0021 or CHT021 as my callsign isn't good. It makes it much harder for me or an admin to find the tracker link which verifies my flight. If you are not allowed to use your Charter ID as callsign with your sim/network combination, we understand.

Flightgear users, I strongly recommend that you choose mpserver12 for your connection to the flightgear multiplayer network. It seems to be the most reliable server for tracking your flight and preserving a record of the flight.

If you are going to do things like changing airports or starting position within flightgear, disconnect from multiplayer while doing so. Connect again (mpserver12 preferred) when you are at the desired starting airport/position. Reconnecting will start a new tracker that won't have unwanted information (like a 1000 nm move from airport to airport).

Use paper and pen to record starting time and fuel in case you have system crashes and/or network disconnects. We understand such situations and allow pilots to finish an interrupted flight by doing an in-air launch or some other means.

If you are not using flightgear, be mindful that we accept trackers from other networks like VATSIM and IVAO. If you are already a member of such a network, connect to it when you fly to produce a tracker. You can download the ACARS, etc. stuff we have here for non-flightgear users but if you are already setup to fly with another network, it's probably easiest to keep that configuration.

Begin by clicking "File a New PIREP" link from the home page or the "File a PIREP" link in the Flight Operations section of your Pilot Center.

Select Airline

At this time there is only one airline you can choose from the dropdown - Charter Aviation

Enter Flight Type

Select your flight type from the pulldown. My flight is a passenger flight of about 509 nm airport to airport (distance crow flies) so I will select the Medium 500-1500 nm type. For ordinary passenger and freight flights the "crow flies" distance determines flight type. For flights such as sightseeing tours the actual miles flown would determine the flight type.

Select Departure Airport

Select Arrival Airport

Select your departing and arriving airports from the lists - If the airport you flew from or to is not on the list, choose _ANY and make a note of the ICAO code and name of the airport in the comments area - an admin will add the missing airports for you and correct your pirep.

Flights such as sightseeing tours might have the same airport for departure and arrival. If you take off or land a float plane away from an airport, just use the nearest airport you find on the charts. It's the distance flown (see Flight Type above) that is important for such flights. The same might apply to helicopter flights from or to your own backyard. Just enter the nearest real airport but be sure to enter the correct flight type.

Select Aircraft

Select the aircraft you flew from the list - if the aircraft you flew is not in the list, choose _ANY and make a note in the comments area - an admin will add your arcraft and correct your pirep. In order to add an aircraft we need to find some specifications, mainly passenger or cargo capacity. I often find them on wikipedia. If you plan on flying a fantasy aircraft (one that is not modelled after any real aircraft), you might want to check with an admin first to see if we can find suitable specifications. We can't calculate revenue for a flight if we don't know the passenger or cargo capacity of the aircraft.

Flight Time

Enter your flight time in the format "hours.minutes", i.e. a 1 hour and 17 minute flight would be entered as 1.17, a 12 minute flight would be entered as 0.12.

Note that a reasonable amount of time for pre-flight, taxi, post-flight is entirely acceptable. You can just use the amount of time your tracker shows unless you spent an inordinate amount of ground time connected to the multiplayer network. For my example flight I entered 1.28 because the tracker showed total time of 01:28:40

Fuel Used

Enter the fuel your flight consumed in kilograms, i.e. 635 or 24629.38. Multiply pounds by 0.453592 to get kilograms.

For my flight I started with 86230.5 pounds which is the default initial load for the aircraft model. I will admit that normal practice would be to reduce that load for a flight like this one but my goal here is to present an easy to understand example. After landing, taxi and engine shutdown I recorded remaining fuel on board of 51142.2 pounds. Subtracting that from initial load gives me a consumption amount of 35088.3 pounds. Multiplying that by 0.453592 gives me the consumption in kilograms (15995.7 kg). But I did not do all that math. I used a spreadsheet to do the calculations. There is one in the downloads section that I started with. I promise that I will soon be uploading the modified version with instructions.


Entering your route is optional but impresses the Admins when you do. Below are some examples of properly formatted route fields.

Direct from airport to airport (no intermediate waypoints):  DCT

My example flight with departure/arrival airports omitted:  LUVLY EDS WEXEV

My example flight with airports/runways included:  KHST/05 LUVLY EDS WEXEV KSSC/04L


Enter your tracker link or links into the comment area. Charter does not restrict you to any particular flight tracker - just as long as you can provide a link to a web page that contains at least a map of your flight and your Charter ID Callsign.

To see the tracker for my example flight click here (opens in new window).

Click the File Flight Report button and you're all done!

To see the actual PIREP for my example flight click here (opens in new window).