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New Aircraft

Charter is please to announce the immediate availability of the latest ePilot aircraft:

      The Grumman HU-16A Albatross


The Grumman HU-16 family of aircraft were large twin radial engine constant speed propeller powered search and rescue amphibians, first flown in 1947 and are still in use by military and scientific organizations around the world.


The Grumman HU-16A-Albatross is the first truly amphibious jsbsim aircraft for FlightGear and incorporates all the ePilot innovations that you've come to expect like in-flight swappable cockpit configurations and flight control deflection A/P auto disconnect.

This aircraft introduces many new features never before seen in FlightGear aircraft including a completely revamped Checklist System which not only tells you what needs doing but dynamically changes your cockpit view to look directly at the item needing attention. The checklist is now your virtual flight instructor in this aircraft. The FDM is tuned precisely to simulate the flight characteristics of the real-life Albatross, the fuel system reproduces the actual aircraft fuel system in detail including the use of transfer pumps and drop tanks for those extra long flights.

A pdf flight manual is included to help get you started flying the Albatross.

Available now from Pilot Downloads! Enjoy,


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